Kwayana did speak out

In a discussion on the Lusignan Massacre on the State-owned NCN, Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Clement Rohee lamented that he did not see Eusi Kwayana and other letter-writers to the media come out against the atrocity in Lusignan.

In fact Wednesday’s Stabroek News published Kwayana’s letter “There has been a string of atrocities coming one after another, from murder of a mother to civilians and soldiers. But none can compare with the cold-blooded Lusignan carnage of the innocent, as if some new Herod has ordered the slaughter of a new generation as part of some scheme of wild justice”.

If Mr. Rohee was honestly mistaken would it not have been proper for the programme’s host Kwame McKoy and the other panellist Dr. Leslie Ramsammy to correct the Minister particularly since they were all criticising what they saw as attempts to politicise the atrocity?

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