The Fidelity report should be released immediately

In yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek `Fidelity report still to be tabled in Parliament’ you report Office of the President Spokesman Mr. Kwame McKoy as declining to say whether Parliament had received the report. Mr. McKoy then added that the report would be tabled in due course, adding that “there are other pressing things before the house”, suggesting that “the Auditor General’s report would likely have to wait in line.”

Does the Office of the President (OP) rather than the Speaker and the Clerk of the National Assembly decide whether it has other pressing matters and does OP believe the Assembly works like a taxi rank where you have to join a queue?

Mr McKoy should reserve such crass absurdity, presumption and arrogance for his television show rather than try to insult the intelligence of the more right thinking Guyanese. Whatever Mr. McKoy and the Office of the President may want us to think, many Guyanese regard the report as bearing on the conduct of both public and private sector officials possibly involving corruption and the loss of substantial revenue. Its publication therefore is long overdue and should be released immediately.

It makes me angry to think that my hard-earned tax dollars are used to pay people of McKoy’s calibre and makes me wonder how many more McKoys reside in the Office of the President.

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