Response to Sundar Nauth

In yesterday’s online edition of your newspapers (KN, 3 May) you carried a letter subscribed by Sundar Nauth and captioned “Sanction Christopher Ram”. I wish to respond by advising Mr. Nauth that the process of sanctioning a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana can be initiated by a letter setting out the grounds of the complaint and addressed to the Secretary of the Institute, 47, Main Street, 2nd Floor, GCIS Building, Georgetown.

And what is the complaint? It is that he was moved by a letter engineered by Winston Brassington and Bharrat Dindyal, Chairman and CEO respectively of Guyana Power & Light Inc. responding to my letter in the Stabroek News of April 24, 2012. In that letter I expressed concerns about billions of dollars being given to GPL, the mismanagement of the company, and the financial straits in which the management has placed the company. I concluded by suggesting that the granting of further transfers by the National Assembly to GPL should be conditional on the “firing of the company’s Board and their replacement by competent individuals.”

And here was the Brassington-Dindyal bogey: that I used confidential information to which Ram & McRae was privy some ten years earlier when we were the company’s auditors.

If Sundar Nauth had acted less as a surrogate and mouthpiece for the Brassington-Dindyal duo, he would have realised that my letter referred to public information contained in the National Estimates, the company’s annual report for 2010 and the print media. And if he was diligent he would notice that the earliest information I quoted was from 2010!

I wish Sundar Nauth the best of luck as he seeks to have me sanctioned. Should he require any further professional or legal assistance in the process, I would be very pleased to assist him. Without charge!

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